UITP (International Assoication of Public Transport) is a passionate champion of sustainable urban mobility and is the only worldwide network to bring together all public transport stakeholders and all sustainable transport modes. UITP has 14 regional and liasion offices across all contients.

UITP is also a hub for knowledge-sharing, statistical analyses and expertiese in the sector, allowing its members to make the optimal decisions for the development of their operations, strategies, management and busiess expasion.

UITP Managers across the globe shared their knowledge about the development of public transport in their regions with Euro Transport Magazine. We would like compile all the articles at single place to share the global updates.

 The changing mobility landscape in Central and Eastern Europe - Artur Perchel, Manager, Central Eastern Europe at UITP


 A transformative change for America.. - Andrew Bata, UITP Regional Manager, North America


 The importance of public transport in Latin America... - Eleonora Pazos, Head of the Latin American Division


 Urban Public Tranport developments in MENA - Amr Ramadan, Senior Research and Partnership Officer, UITP MENA CoE


 Diversity in Asia - every challenge comes with an opportunity - Sue Chan, Head of UITP Asia Pacific 


 The developmen of city public transport in IndiaJaspal Singh, Head of UITP India Office


Source: Full editions are available @ Euro Monitor Magazine