Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (also known as Namma Metro) is currently the second busiest metro network in the country, with ridership of 350,000 passengers per day. With the increasing rush during peak hours, BMRCL is looking for different measures to allow comfortable journey for women travelers, by allowing only women passengers to enter or exit through the first two doors of its trains. Currently, there will be no segregation of passengers inside the trains. To get passengers accustomed to the new system, BMRCL put up ‘Entry for ladies only’ signages at the point where the first two doors of the trains are, besides making announcements about the same at stations and during the rides.

The priority entry and exit for women travelers ensure the extra comfort.  There is an overwhelming response from passengers, including women, who can now take the Metro without any hassle. Many people appreciated the new system. BMRCL is planning to earmark the first coach in its first six-car train on the Purple Line exclusively for women

Similarly, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) introduced women only coach in 2010. The first car of a train in moving direction is reserved for ladies in Red, Yellow & Blue lines and common earmarked car in both direction movements in Green & Violet lines. Adequate signages is must to clearly indicate the area of platform where the reserved car normally stops. In order to enforce the rule, DMRC imposes the fine of INR 250 on male passengers for travelling in women coach.

Many cities around the world are adopting special measures for women passengers. For example, Tokyo Metro keeps one dedicated car for women and children for peak hours since 2000. Cario Metro has dedicated car for women and passengers since 2007.