UITP India Office, in partnership with, Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Limited (DIMTS) organised half-day workshop on "International Best Practices for Bus Operation" for Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) on 23 August 2018 in New Delhi. The purpose of the workshop was to share key development in bus sector and share international best practices. The presentations were made by Mr. Jaspal Singh, Head of UITP India Office and Mr. CK Goyal, Chief (Road Transport), DIMTS Limited. The workshop aims to share knowledge with senior officials from DTC regarding latest development in bus sector across the globe.

DTC is public bus operator in Delhi, operating a fleet of 4,000 buses and carries around 4.0 million passengers / day. DTC is one of the largest city bus service operator in India. However, the organisation is facing lots of challenges in last one decades. Owing to the same, both operational fleet and ridership is declining. The aim of the workshop to identify some short terms, medium and long terms solutions for DTC.

Source: Hindustan Times, 28 October 2017

Most of STUs (State Transport Undertakings) are loss making in India and DTC is among the highest loss making organisation. One of the key reason is also no increae in bus fare since 2009. However, the organisaion is facing lots of operational challenges, similar to other STUs as given below. There are 3 technological changes which are redefining the bus sector - electrification, digital payment and on-demand service. UITP - DIMTS highlighted these issues in the presentation and also suggested some measures for DTC in this area. Further, the best examples from 3 international cities were shared.