Smart Cities

Information Technology is playing an ever more crucial role in many sectors of modern society offering the most important solutions that we have today to efficiently help increase capacity, safety and security among other aspects. This is even more in public transport sector for which IT tools are potentially always available, widely applicable and actually already well integrated in many public transport systems around the world. Public transport’s modal share in cities should be increased without increasing just assets but also by increasing the utilisation of vehicles states Alain Flausch.

The Government of India has announced that it is planning to develop 100 smart cities across the country. The key idea of smart cities is the integration of public services with an integrated public transport system. IT, therefore, will play a crucial role in both integrating and automating these services.

Most Indian cities are facing the challenge of air pollution and traffic congestion. Transport is one of the key contributors to pollution in cities and only 33% of people are using public transport. Further, India comes top in both numbers of accidents and numbers of fatalities despite an average speed of just 15-17kmph.

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