Secretary General's Interview MotorIndia

MOTORINDIA’s exclusive interview with Alain Flausch, Secretary-General, UITP

UITP is a leading worldwide network functi oning with the aim of bringing together all public transport stakeholders and sustainable transport modes. The organizati on is internati onally recognised for its work in advancing the development of criti cal policy agenda in diff erent countries around the world. We had an exclusive interacti on with Mr. Alain Flausch, UITP General Secretary to fi nd out how UITP keeps pace
with the dynamics of global economies.
The global business environment remains challenging, with a sti ll patchy economic picture, geo-politi cal issues creati ng uncertainty for business and fi erce competi ti on for the road transport sector. Your expert views, please.
The public transport sector helps promote job creati on and urban economic growth. As per the UITP Mobility in Citi es Study 2015, it is observed that citi es with good transport systems are more competi ti ve compared to those with weaker transport systems. Further, it is observed that investment in the public transport sector has its multi plier eff ect and can create wealth for citi es, generati ng value that exceeds the initial investment up to three or four ti mes.

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