Bus transport in India

Decoding Public Transportation: In conversation with UITP India (MotorIndia - August 2018)

We live in a world where our surrounding landscapes are rapidly changing. Cities are changing, new towns bubble up, and so are economic priorities and policies of the society. Mobility emerged as a critical priority in the last century, but now in our times, the need for transportation has reached a climacteric phase, where its ends and meets are put to question. Without reliable mobility, cities become fragmented, people get struck in their lives, and economies take a beating, while the existing mobility systems themselves bray without sustainability.



Government of Telangana inaugurated its first an air-conditioned modern bus shelter at HITEC City, having amenities like; AC, WiFi, Coffee machines, Cold Beverages, Mobile charging points & Baby feeding/changing rooms. This is a big relief for commuters who use buses, as well as, for pedestrians. The bus shelter also features an SoS button, which can alert a command centre in case of emergencies. This is good example for other agencies and bus authorities in India to implement in their cities. The modern bus shelters will help to popularise the bus transport.

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