UITP India Information Technology Working Group – Terms of Reference

1.     Mission statement of the Information Technology Working Group:

  • The main role of the Information Technology working group is to provide worldwide integrated knowledge on selected topics and to prepare advocacy material on issues related to information technology solutions for public transport.
  • The Information Technology Working group aims to be a platform for exchange and discussion; to understand the impact of new technologies; to move favorable developments forward; to suggest recommendations and to disseminate good practices in the field of information technology systems.
  • The Information Technology Working group shall work and develop activities primarily – but not exclusively - in accordance to the priorities of the UITP Integrated Global Work Plan.
  • The Information Technology Working group shall monitor relevant development in the sector and act as an advocacy resource to UITP to support development of needed strategies.

2.     Scope and Issues:

The prioritized topics that can be considered by the Working group are:

o    Sharing travel information (open data, big data, journey planners, applications, etc)

o    Interoperable fare management (electronic ticketing in all its different appearances)

o    The combination of travel information and ticketing in one service ( missing link)

o    Delivering services to customers (using different platforms and through third parties)

Further issues related to various public transport assets and fields of operation and/ or combination of both amy also be considered.

a.    Assets:

(a)   infrastructure, (b) rolling stock, (c) data / information / services, (d) business (models), (e) staff, (f) Potential customers, (g) the general public, (h) neighbouring networks, (i) 3rd parties / new business, etc.

b.    Operation:

(a) Planning, (b) dispatching, (c) communication, (d) maintenance, (e) ticketing, (f) information, (g) safety, (h) (cyber) security, (i) standards, (j) accounting, (k) training etc.,


3.     Profile of members:

The Information Technology Working Group can consider members from for public transport operators, authorities and also service providers.

Members must be in senior positions (typically the Head of IT department) and have an active command of English.

Members are encouraged to also represent their views and to stand above possible commercial interests that would inhibit the fruitful exchange of knowledge.