UITP India Bus Working Group – Terms of Reference

1.    Mission statement of the Working Group:\

  • The role of the UITP India Bus Working Group consists in providing integrated knowledge and in preparing advocacy material on issues related to the Bus sector.
  • The UITP India Bus Working Group aims at creating a platform for exchange, discussions and benchmarking, to move reflection forward, to suggest recommendations and to present good practices in the field of organization, operation and management of Bus systems.
  • The UITP India Bus Working Group shall work and develop activities primarily – but not exclusively - for the UITP India Board on developments in the industry, its current themes and position papers validated by the India Board and then to share to UITP Global through UITP AP Division.
  • The UITP India Bus Working Group shall monitor development in India and overseas in the sector to act as an advocate of this mode of transport where it is requested and needed for development of strategy.

2.    Scope and Issues:

The issues to be considered by the UITP India Working Group relate to the various development stages of Bus:

o   Planning and Construction ; Operation and Maintenance and encompass following aspects:

§  Safety and security

§  Quality and customer care

§  Environment and Acceptance

o   Organization and Efficiency

o   Funding and economy

o   Technology and innovation

o   Legal and regulatory environment


3.    Profile of members:

Members must be those who actively involved in senior positions in their companies/ organizations and have an extensive knowledge over the subject.

The UITP India Bus Working Group is primarily reserved for public transport operators and Industry. However Operating Authority representatives may also be appointed to the group by the chairperson if he considers it necessary as knowledge strength to the Working Group.