New Mobility Working Group


Indian cities are witnessing an increase in the new mobility solutions that provide ‘Mobility as a Service (MaaS) through trip planning applications, technology based platforms providing shared mobility services through bus, taxi and three-wheeler aggregation etc. Their rapid growth points to an unmet demand within the existing ecosystem of formal and informal shared transport services. However, the regulatory provisions governing these services at the National and State levels have not yet been clearly defined. In order to promote the effective integration of these systems within the existing urban mobility scenario, UITP-India proposes to initiate a ‘New Mobility Working Group’ to convene key stakeholders in the MaaS ecosystem. The group will deliberate on the key policy, legislative and capacity reforms to be taken up to promote the sector. We will build on our previous efforts in the ‘Bus working group’ and ‘Taxi working group’ to focus on the following specific objectives for this working group.


  • Establishing the complementarity of the New mobility solutions to the traditional formal and informal shared transport services
  • Assessing the market scenario for the various types of new mobility service providers
  • Understanding the measures to harness the value chain of the new mobility services i.e. Users, Drivers, vehicle owners and technology
  • Identifying the regulatory reforms required to integrate Governance of New mobility services into the larger transport regulations ecosystem
  • Proposing Data sharing protocols for transport planning applications and improved user experience
  • Exploring complementarities of new mobility solutions with other emerging trends like electrification, innovative financing models and Big data analytics